Adding Students to your Domain

Students Requesting Access to a Domain

Students can request access to a domain when they signup on a domain Licensed Builder or on the domain site.

After signup they will receive a pop-up to request access to the domain. You can then accept students into your domain, removing the need to add them manually.


Accepting Domain Requests

To accept invite requests to your domain:

  1. Login to your domain admin account
  2. Go to the domain dashboard and select Access Requests under the Students and Classes tab in the sidebar
  3. Here you will see students who have requested access to your domain. Click Refresh as needed and approve them accordingly


Manually Adding Students to the Domain

Students who have created verified accounts or guardian managed accounts can be manually added to the domain

  1. Login to your domain admin account and go to your domain Dashboard
  2. Select the Users page under Students and Classes tab in the side bar
  3. Collect the usernames of each student you want to add
  4. Input those usernames in the field one at a time, click Add