Bot is sus?! - A Blocksmith Learning Game

(Created with the Blocksmith XR Builder)

Bot is sus

Welcome to your Hour of Code!

Oh no! Someone demolished the machine room and Bot is the suspect!
Only YOU and your programming skills can help her escape from the spaceship before she gets ejected. Try this lesson right away in your browser! No download required.

Info for Teachers and Parents

Students will use normal language commands that will get translated to JavaScript to save Bot with this fun interactive self-paced lesson.


What even is Blocksmith?

The Blocksmith XR Builder is a cutting-edge software tool that helps STEM courses, coding summer camps, and STEM programs in schools teach their students to design games. The best game development courses use Blocksmith as the primary introduction to their game design programs.

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A special thanks to our sponsors who helped us to keep "Bot is Sus?!" ad-free during the two weeks of the Hour of Code event!

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