Viewing in Cardboard VR

Downloading the App

The Blocksmith Cardboard Viewer for Android is available for free on the Google Play store.

Entering VR

Open the Viewer app and look for a VR button in the bottom right corner. It enables cardboard mode. Use the 3D menu to open your favorite personal experiences or start an experience in 2D mode and then switch into VR from the menu!

Cardboard Viewing Notes

  • Use Teleport Points to move around scenes in the Cardboard Viewer. They can be added to scenes in the Builder from the Special tab.
  • Cardboard devices without controllers or buttons use a "gaze click" to select items. Simply stare at an object with an interaction event or a teleport icon for 3 seconds to activate it.
  • Return to the main menu from an experience by activating the menu icon at your feet. Gazing at the menu for 3 seconds will open a pause menu. Use it to return to the main menu.