EDU Domain Managed Accounts

Quick Account Setup for Students

Managed student accounts can be used for students when they are under 13 years old, do not have email accounts of their own, or when their email accounts cannot receive outside emails. EDU domains can manage unlimited student accounts.

Signing Up as a Managed Account

For a domain to manage students it needs to be set to the Quick Signup option.

With the Quick Sign up option students are no longer required to verify their account with an email. It will be the administrators or teachers responsibility to verify their account and add them to the domain.


Approval Process

The approval process is simple. You just need to:

  1. Login to your domain admin account.

  2. Go to your Dashboard and select Access Requests under the Students and Classes tab in the side bar.

  3. Select Approve next to the students you would like the domain to manage. This will also give them access to the domain.


Note: If you are a guardian, please see the Becoming a Guardian help page.