Group Trial Setup

Congratulations on starting a Group Trial. Finish setting up your workspace to get your students creating today!

To Do Now:

1. Unlock the first 4 chapters of the Classic Games Curriculum Quest on the Content Library.

2. After purchasing a subscription you can add full Curriculum Quests from the Content Library.

3. Review signup options and select which will work best for your workspace.

4. Download and Install Builder and Viewer Software.

5. Customize your workspace to welcome your members.

Get Your Students Started:

1. Have your users create Blocksmith Accounts and request access to your workspace.

2. Verify students requests.

3. Assign Quests to your users.

4. Have students Download or open Builder software.

On Going:

1. Watch for our newsletter for software updates, signup

2. Review students' Quest progress.

3. View students' experiences in VR.