Charging for Access to your Hub

Why require paid access for your Hub?

Have amazing 3D models people want to use?

If you have a collection of awesome 3D models you want to share, but not for free, you can now post those to your Pro hub and charge users an access fee before they can use them in their own projects. That way a user needs to pay you before they can use any of your 3D models in any of their work.

Get paid by Pro users who want to download your 3D models

Anyone with a Creator Pro license can download public 3D models. If you have a hub with a collection of Public 3D models, they can download them for free. Instead, now you can require those Pro users to pay a small fee before they download your 3D model collection!

Bring more attention to your hub by advertising your games!

Don't forget to let the entire Blocksmith community know about your most amazing creations! You may consider posting a preview of a game, or one 3D model out of a pack of them, to entice other people to explore your Pro hub for more content they need to pay to access. Corny commercials coming soon!*

Require a subscription to access all of the content on your hub

Whether you are full game developer, a 3D model maker, or a professional training designer, or all of the above, you can finally get paid for your creations in Blocksmith! So start planning which of your best projects you want to charge access for and get a Pro hub to be able to charge access for them.

How to set up Paid Access for your hub

  1. Open your Hub's Admin Overview page.

  2. Open the Admin Corner and then select the Access Settings section.

  3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Access Settings page and look for the section titled Paid Access:


  1. Connect your Stripe Account. You will see a "Stripe account connected." message when it is finished:


  1. Select the "Create Paid Access Product" button:


  1. Choose the Price and Type of Paid Access you want for your hub. The subscription per year option charges the price one per year. The one-time price will only be charged once when a new user purchases hub access.
    Note: You can't change the subscription's price or type after it has been set!

  2. Create the Paid Access Product. When it has been created successfully, you will see the Paid Access product's details in that area:

  3. Copy your hub homepage link and send it to each person you would like to purchase access to your hub! When they visit the page, they will see a button to purchase access to your hub: