Downloading Pre-Licensed Builders

Licensed Builders allow students to work on your private, distraction free domain. With your Builder Licensed your students:

  • Will only have access to the private school domain you manage and be unable to access the Blocksmith Main domain that has thousands of games and experiences to distract them
  • Work can be shared on your private domain, invisible to the outside world, which makes collaboration very easy
  • Accessing the Builder for the first time will need your approval to access the domain. After logging in the Builder will prompted them to request access. You can easily approve these requests from your administrator dashboard

Using Licensed Installers

It's easy to access your pre-licensed Builder installers from your Domain's Admin Dashboard.

This installer will install your license key file along with the regular Blocksmith installation. Please note that some online virus-scanners are AI based these days and potentially find combo-installers like that suspicious.

Using Regular Installers and Manually Licensing

You can also download our regular installer (which should pass scanners like virustotal with 0 issues) and add the key file yourself (or ask your IT Administrators to do this). The key file is a simple text file with your domain ID and needs placed into the "BlocksmithXR Builder_Data" folder of the installation. Adding this file will instantly unlock advanced features and additional materials, objects, etc for students to use while your subscription is active, as well as prevent internal and external feature advertising.


  • Both installers can do silent installs if your IT Administrators prefer that, by using the "/s" parameter
  • The key file is a simple convenience feature that relieferences you from logging into each regular installation as admin to unlock it (which is your 3rd option).
  • We don't limit the number of installs but the EDU version of the software can only be installed on devices in the same geographic location per your license agreement.