Student's VR Viewing Workflow

Publishing Student Projects

Student projects can be viewed in VR if they publish the experience to the domain.

1. Students must save their project first.

2. After uploading, a Save Successful window will appear. Keep it open!

3. Look at the Publish to your workspaces section. Then select a publishing option under Members. The options under members will be visible to anyone who is a member of that workspace:

  • View Only = Members can view our experience, but will not see how it is setup.

  • Template = Members can create copies and do whatever they want with them.

4. Select View Only or Template to publish to your workspace.


5. After publishing, the experience will be found in the Everything section.

Viewing Published Projects in VR

After publishing to your domain, students can see their projects in the Viewer Apps for your school's VR device. Login to the Viewer and select your workspace from the dropdown to find student experiences.

With this process you will eliminate the need for each student needing to login to Blocksmith in VR. This saves time and should give every student the chance to see their creations.


Licensing Viewers to Domains

Licensed Viewer Apps on school devices can play Premium Experiences! Those are professionally-made VR learning content that span a scope of subjects and can be purchased for your workspace. View them with your students to engage them and spark discussions about new or familiar lessons.

License the viewer on school devices by logging in with an admin account. Look for the option "License to workspace" in the menu.