VR4ED 2019 Challenge Day

Please note, it is highly recommended to complete at least one Curriculum Quest before starting the challenge.

This year we are exploring empathy experiences made with Blocksmith.

Challenge Specifics
Research a particular disability or illness and create an experience that either:

  • Let's users take their perspective to evoke empathy
  • Informs the user (info-graphic style) about the issue
  • Implements a form of therapy.

Potential Blocksmith ideas:

  • Day in a wheelchair: place the player in the shoes of a person who is in a wheelchair. Have them encounter challenges that a person in a wheelchair would deal with on a daily basis.
  • Color blindness: place the player into a familiar environment with a big button that switches the scene into the same environment but colored in a way a person with color blindness would see it. Use examples that are basically annoying mixed with others that are outright dangerous, like a text that can't be read when you are color blind.
  • Create an ice world for burn victims that has small animated portions or even mini games to make staying in it enjoyable.

Real life examples: