Bathroom Double Sink

Updated 12/28/2020 (see more)

Originally published: 12/1/2020

This Bathroom Double Sink 3D model is free to download and use in interactive 3D scenes and VR/AR experiences with our Blocksmith Builder. Bathroom Double Sink is built out of 7 3D shapes and can be fully edited with our Blocksmith Builder. Download Bathroom Double Sink as a free 3D model file (glb) to use in Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Godot, Blender, and other 3D tools.

  • Faces: 74948
  • Vertices: 48408
  • Cube (17)
  • Sphere (16)
  • Cone (4)
  • Cylinder (14)
  • Half Cylinder (8)
  • Pit (2)
  • Square Frame (2)

Materials: 4

You can view Bathroom Double Sink in VR and AR with the Blocksmith Viewer apps.


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