Desert City Parkour


Desert City Parkour

Updated 5/26/2022: Increased jump height slightly (see more)

Originally published: 8/14/2018

Parkour across this desert-themed city to collect each waypoint. It may start out easy, but with each jump you will find yourself being challenged... check how many waypoints are left by looking down.
Want an additional challenge? Speedrun all eight waypoints as fast as possible to get onto the scoreboard. You can check your current time by looking at the sky! Your time starts ticking as soon as you start moving.

Update 1:
I made some small improvements to the jumps here and there. You should find it easier to complete :)

Update 2:
Woah, there are some incredibly fast runs already on the all-time score board. Make sure you use a free account to record your scores with your usernames.

An example of what can be made using Blocksmith, a video game design teaching tool, used in classrooms all over the world.

You can use this experience to create your own parkour style game. How challenging can you make your parkour game? You can also just use the models for yourself, if you like. It features many styles, all free for you to grab for your own experience.

The goal of the game is to collect each of the waypoints. There are eight waypoints in total. Many waypoints are hidden atop hard to reach spaces. Use creative navigation and parkour to collect them. For example, jump on the edge of a doorknob or lamp post to reach the next step.

Desert city archway

The waypoints work by collapsing when the player enters their trigger zone. There is a variable in the center that tracks how many the player has left to collect. When the scene starts, the waypoint adds one to the variable counter in the center. This way, you can copy the waypoints and add as many as you like, and the game will still work.

Includes a night time scene. It looks very nice! An ambient blue lighting and bright orange lamp highlights really create a certain aesthetic. Contrast between orange and blue is the secret to making a pleasing-looking scene :)

Desert city at night


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