2D Maze Game Example


2D Maze Game Example

Updated 2/3/2022: - Fixed end game trigger so it cannot be activated multiple times (see more)

Originally published: 1/12/2022

Can you get all of the coins? Try to get the high score!

W,A,S,D/Arrow keys/Thumbpad to move

This game template demonstrates how to make a simple 2D game using the Blocksmith XR Builder. Use this template to see how the Isometric camera, which provides the 2D view, is set up. Then remix the game or make your own ! With the new Isometric Camera and Scoreboard features, you can recreate many classic arcade games very easily.

To create a game like this from scratch, all you need to do is choose an object to control (like the cube). Then use the Send Player Input and Receive Player Input events the Player and Cube respectively. That will allow you to move it around a scene. To have the camera follow it with a 2D perspective, add a camera to the scene, enable the "Isometric" setting, and then use an Update/Move To event to make sure it follows the cube around the scene. Then you are pretty much done! Just add some scenery and maybe a scoreboard, and you are set!

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