Bot is sus?


Bot is sus?

Updated 6/2/2022: - Fixed MoveTo event reference in scenes 11-15 (see more)

Originally published: 9/24/2021

Someone demolished the electrical room and Bot0 is the primary suspect! Only you and your programming skills can help her escape from the spaceship before she gets ejected; against her will. Can you be there to help her navigate the spaceship corridors? Will the real imposter reveal themselves at the end? Do your best; and pick up some programming skills along the way!


Welcome to our Hour of Code Submission 2021! Click "Play Now" to get started.
Use the provided commands to navigate Bot0 through the puzzles. Unsure what to do? Stuck on a puzzle? Try to visualize how Bot0 will move as you input each command.


Computer science is an important part of STEM education, and Bot0 is an excellent introduction to coding for beginners and young students. They can learn the basics of programming by playing a game and rescuing a robot! Coding involves a process of writing a program, testing it, and improving it for the next run. This is emphasized through programming challenges in Bot0. Students will master the coding basics as they play through increasingly difficult levels, meeting unexpected allies and dangerous obstacles.

Did you have fun learning with Bot0? Learn more about how to use Blocksmith for learning video game design and coding.


Creating this game was a lesson in programming in itself. The events that move Bot0 are mostly written in JavaScript code that interprets commands put in by the player and converts them to movements on Bot0. It took a lot of trial and error to get Bot0 moving in the correct fashion. Blocksmith really is an educational tool that teaches you as you create with it.

Original: MoveBot

Based on: Lady BUG


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