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Originally published: 5/16/2018

Fight your way through the robot factory in this half-life style shooter game! Upgrade your weapon and movement stats. Blow the enemies up with fire barrels. Bounce up into the air using the powerful launch pads. This game will test your shooting and positioning skills. Will you make it to the boss at the end?

Robots traversing a bridge

A rogue factory run by an evil artificial intelligence is endlessly producing robots. The authorities have contracted you to soldier in and take down the out-of-control operation. Armed with your dual-shot laser pistol, there's nothing you can't do. (Take it from me, I've fought many robots over the years. They aren't that hard to keep up with after some practice! Want a tip for battling the baddies? Stay away from their arms, and aim your weapon at their head module.)

Robots mid-death

This game is remixable! Not only is it an excellent source of models pulled from all over the Blocksmith creator space, it could teach you something about how to create your own map. You are free to grab any assets for your own creation. I did my best to make the game logic understandable and commented the event systems.

Intimidating robot builder

Do you have a question about the game? Did a problem happen or something unexpected? Feel free to message me in the Blocksmith discord :)


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