Demo: 3rd Person Character Controller


Demo: 3rd Person Character Controller

Published: 1/12/2022

This demo shows how to create a 3rd person perspective in Blocksmith, with an animated camera. You can even remix it and use it for your own projects if you want! All credit goes to the user martin for creating this demo.

If you use the 3rd person camera in your own scenes, make sure to re-connect its events when you bring it into the new scene.

For a long time, the only view possible in Blocksmith games was a "first-person mode". That is, you can only see from the Player's perspective, like you are standing in their shoes.

With the 6.6 Builder update however, you can now "see" from any perspective, including an "over-the-shoulder" or third-person mode. This perspective is very popular in many games since you can see the surroundings and periphery around the player much easier than in a first-person perspective. It also gives you a chance to look at the player figure you are controlling, and thus connects you closer to them!

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