Demo: Changing Scenes with Portals


Demo: Changing Scenes with Portals

Updated 10/28/2020 (see more)

Originally published: 6/24/2020

Explore this museum and enter the largest painting to explore it in 3D! The try the Challenge yourself and build your own museum or art gallery with interactive exhibits!

Watch how this was made on the Youtube Livestream:


  • PC/Mac: Use W, A, S, D to move around.
  • VR: Use the thumbpad/joystick to move around.


Museums around the world have been offering virtual tours of their most popular and important galleries recently. When we heard about that, we thought it was a great opportunity to explore a museum or gallery, and also experiment with the possibility of combining virtual reality with classic art.

One very fun and interesting use of virtual reality is to transform a classic painting into a portal, where you can then enter that painting! We wanted to see if the Builder could re-create that cool idea in a short amount of time. Not only was the Builder able to create the portal effect, we discovered that is pretty straightforward to make and easily reproducible! So you want to setup your own museum or gallery with interactive paintings, it is not only possible but downright easy!

The most difficult moment in creating this experience was not related to programming or 3D design, but instead it was choosing the piece of artwork! There are many great pieces of art that would be incredible to re-create in 3D and explore from a first person point of view. One major temptation was to choose a work of art by Salvidor Dali. Dali's surrealism and strangeness have a perfect fit for exploring in VR and would be very fun to create in the Builder!


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