Demo: Drone Flight On Island


Demo: Drone Flight On Island

Published: 1/12/2022

Welcome to the Drone Pilot demo! All credit goes to the user martin for creating this demo.


  • Click to control the Drone

  • Use D, A keys to move vertically

  • Use W, S keys to move horizontally

  • Move mouse-pointer to look around

In this experience, you can take control of a quadcopter drone with a camera on it. Fly the drone around the island to get a feel for its controls, and then feel free to remix the experience to use the drone in your own projects!

You can create your own drone pilot experience from scratch very easily too. Use the Camera and the Send/Receive Player Input Events to pass off the Player's vision and controller input to the drone.

Original: Private Palm Island

Based on: Drone Flight On Island


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