Guinea Pig Survivors


Guinea Pig Survivors

Updated 8/31/2023: - Fixed Scoreboard link. (see more)

Originally published: 9/30/2022

Welcome to the world's first action-coding game!

The guinea pigs are coming and they are hungry. For each round, program Bot to fire carrots, launch lettuce or invoke the mighty Apple shield in this furious, fast-paced coding game. Collect hearts to unlock more tools and contain the feeding frenzy while hoping that your code doesn't break.

Info for Teachers and Parents

Students will use normal language commands that will get translated to JavaScript to feed Guinea Pigs with this fun interactive self-paced lesson. At first they program the bot with a few basic steps but soon they can unlock additional code blocks and the "lettuce launcher", a powerful code block that needs to be used strategically to win the game with a high score. Each session is limited to about six minutes, we suggest to give students time to discuss different strategies before they try again with new coding approaches.

Original: Linked List Demo

Based on: Code Survivors v6


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