Hexagon Octagon Game


Hexagon Octagon Game

Updated 6/18/2024: - Added boolean variables on players to prevent respawning while knocked down. (see more)

Originally published: 9/20/2017

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This game is a take on the classic high-speed and high-energy multiplayer games. There is also an element of capture the flag thrown in, as well as purposefully unbalanced game mechanics.


  • WASD = Move
  • Left Click = Fire/Pickup Object
  • Right Click = Fire Left hand Object
  • Spacebar = Jump
  • Shift = Sprint
  • Esc = Pause/Exit Game

The Red Team is super speedy, but can't jump very high. The Blue Team can jump super high, but is pretty slow. The map is designed specifically so each team can take advantage of their respective strengths.
Each strength combined with the map design should balance the advantages of both teams. Here are the rules:

First team to score 50 points wins!

  • Hit an opponent for 1 point
  • Reach the other team's Gold Cube for 10 points
  • Red Team: You have speed on your side. You are twice as fast as the other team, but you have much less cover on your approaches to their Gold Cube than they do on yours!
  • Blue Team: You have a super-jump! You can jump twice as high as the other team, but your approach is a staircase compared to a ramp. It gives you much more cover, but its harder to get to the Gold Cube.
  • Find the launchers across the scene for an explosive bonanza!
  • What does that Golden Star do?

So now jump into this battle arena and support your team! Remember: you can remix this entire game to create your own version of it!

Want to make a Multiplayer game, but don't want to worry about level design? Use this template to get started easily!

This experience is intended as a template for remixing. It is specifically for PC, Mac, VR, and mobile Multiplayer games.


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