How To: Hinge Point


How To: Hinge Point

Updated 10/7/2020: - Better screenshot (see more)

Originally published: 10/6/2020

An active subscription is needed to use this as a Template.

This scene with a modern cabin in a arctic setting was inspired by artistic lodges in Newfoundland. However, the scene demonstrates more than just a modern aesthetic. If you have a subscription, you can use this as a template!

  • See how to setup a door that swings on a hinge by looking at the door on the cabin.

More than just demonstrating hinge points, this scenes really shows how to setup a great looking 3D scene that has both indoor and outdoor areas. The lighting alone makes creating such a realistic scene rather tricky, but the Builder has many tools to help you!

Check out the following setups in the scene:

  • Hinge Point

  • Snowy Setting

  • LED Lighting

  • Ocean


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