How To: Multiplayer Setup


How To: Multiplayer Setup

Updated 10/29/2020 (see more)

Originally published: 10/23/2020

An active subscription is needed to use this as a template.

Look at how to set up a multiplayer game using the Builder in this template. The 1st scene contains the multiplayer lobby and demos the ideal way to set up a basic Public Multiplayer match. Also, always build your game in the 2nd scene of an experience for multiplayer match making to work!

Explore the "simulated" moon gravity by jumping and running around the scene. Zoom out to see the various asteroid impact craters that litter the scene.

Potential Uses:

  • Setting for a Virtual Moon Base
  • A test rocket landing location
  • Setting for an Educational Unit on Space or the Moon

Original: Moon Pong

Based on: Moonscape


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