Spooky Maze!


Spooky Maze!

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Originally published: 10/11/2019

Welcome to the Spooky Blocksmith Maze!

Can you find your way through the maze and avoid all of the haunted Jack-O-Lanterns?

Feel free to remix this experience and use it for your own projects. Take a look at the following game mechanics to see how they work. Each mechanic is hidden somewhere in the maze.

  • Pumpkin jumpscare
  • Hidden traps
  • Fire-breathing pumpkins
  • Evil pumpkin carousel
  • Secret teleport points

You could also try adding your own game mechanics to this experience to personalize it. Here are a few ideas of some nice tools or mechanics to add:

  • Flashlight
  • Chasing zombies
  • Time-limit

Good luck and have fun making your own spooky mazes!

Based on: Classic Games: Maze Game


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