Time Bomb Escape Room


Time Bomb Escape Room

Updated 7/20/2022: Fixed hints. (see more)

Originally published: 12/27/2017

You are stuck in a room with one task: defuse the bomb before it's too late. Find clues and solve puzzles in your room before time runs out to win!

Stuck on a part of the level? Collect yellow crystals hidden throughout the rooms. They will let you unlock hints to solve the puzzle you're on!

A scoreboard is now available! Solve it as fast as you can to make it on the leaderboard. Can you be the bomb defusal speedrunning champion?


The first escape room game that I made. After visiting several escape rooms in my town I was inspired to create my very own with Blocksmith. It has two rooms, each one packed with puzzles. I started with the first room, adding curious objects connecting with each other. Some objects in the rooms have more uses than one. I figured that a bomb timer would be the easiest way to give the player an objective, which I suppose makes it more of a puzzle room than an escape room.

During playtesting, some people got stuck on certain steps and didn't know where to continue. I wanted everyone to be able to solve the escape room, so I decided to add an optional hint grabber system. I hid small yellow crystals around the map that players could collect. If the player gets 3 crystals, they can spend them on a new hint. It guesses which puzzle the player is trying to solve, and gives a hint accordingly.

I have also made two other escape rooms; a Christmas themed one, and a Space themed one.

Playtime is 5 minutes, or less if you're quick enough.

Comment your best time below!


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