Untitled Goose Hunt


Untitled Goose Hunt

Updated 10/20/2021 (see more)

Originally published: 10/10/2019

Protect your property and stop the geese from taking your bell! Start the game by shooting the bell to your right. You must withstand a full minute of the onslaught. Don't let up!

Goose shooting action

This game started out as my 3D iteration of "Duck Hunt," the old Nintendo game. I changed the name to Goose Hunt. The game had "geese" coming in and out of trees, 3 unique levels with day, night, and stormy modes, and custom made model trees.
I was inspired by the latest Untitled Goose Game to remake Goose Hunt into this version. I narrowed the field of view and made it a single level. The player gets a shotgun and must fight off geese for a minute.

Builder screenshot

The game started out with no bell, no introduction signs, and no scoreboard. I wanted to get the targeting and goose deaths animated enough to feel rewarding. I made sure to use large, slower-moving projectiles to increase the chance that they hit geese when they should. In my experience, players have found it frustrating when they thought they hit a target and it didn't actually make contact.

Another Builder screenshot

This log cabin scene was originally going to be used for a second Goose Hunt game that I never finished. I used it for Untitled Goose Hunt instead.

Goose attracting bell

Later on I added the bell that starts the level when shot. It's a great thing; it teaches the player to fire their weapon at a target. It also provides some ascetic to the scene, making the player feel like they are in an actual world instead of a video game. By making a loud ringing noise, followed by some fluttering feathers in the trees, it alludes to what is about to happen. The bell is also a defining item in the Untitled Goose Game. The bell is in the final level, and the player must bring it back to the forest with them. In a way, the player in this game is protecting their bell from all the geese trying to come and steal it.

Great game for a short demo, players will learn the rules easily and playtime is just a few minutes! The game automatically restarts after the level is over.

Original: goose hunt 2

Based on: Untitled Goose Hunt


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