Zombie Block


Zombie Block

Updated 4/26/2022: - Better scene snapshot (see more)

Originally published: 4/11/2022

This demo experience shows how to use a Raycaster object as "vision" for characters in a scene. Each zombie has a Raycaster in their Head slot, which detects what they are looking at. If they catch sight of the Player, then its feeding time! They will instantly start chasing the Player at top speed, and the game will be over if they catch you...

If you want to see how the Raycaster object works as vision for a character, then just find a zombie and look at the group in their Head slot. The Raycaster object in that group will show everything that you need to know to create your own vision for characters!

Computer Controls
W,A,S,D = Movement
Click = Fire rocket
Spacebar = Jump
Shift = Sprint

The Raycast demo is combined with the activate physics rocket launcher, so each object hit by a rocket will have physics be enabled. Each zombie hit by a rocket is destroyed though.

Based on: Rocket Block


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