Welcome to Geeko Labs on BlocksmithXR

Our mission is to channel kids' curiosity towards creativity, and then to build their confidence in their awesome creative power. Blocksmith has been our most popular tool for teaching, learning, and playing (which we do a LOT of!)

Geeko Labs provides you with a community of instructors, mentors, and friends who are learning to create games just like you. Our students work together, meet for testing eachothers' games, and experience new and exciting ideas in the world of game design. Whether you are brand new to Blocksmith, or an experiences Blocksmith Mastersmith, you are welcome in our community!

Follow us to collaborate and create. Check us out at geekolabs.com to join our community and find your newest favorite project, too. Group classes and workshops happen every week, and 1-on-1 coaching is available, too!

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