Snowball Industries


Snowball Industries

Updated 4/13/2022: Added background sounds (see more)

Originally published: 1/6/2022

A shooting game for Chromebooks that is school friendly and teaches math?!
Like a regular snowball fight, but better. Because it has rockets.

Welcome to Snowball Industries! We build snow-weapons and pride ourselves in making the most most chilly and fun snowball fights come to life. We are urgently hiring testers who can launch into the icy arena and compete.

You will have 6 minutes to blast as many other players as possible. You can earn points either by freezing other players or by solving math problems in the jail. In the future, you can earn points by collecting coins from frozen players.

Exploration is a valued trait of Snowball Industries. Wander around the map and find new weapons to use. There are 4 weapons available for you:

  • The trusty snowball
  • The crusty snow-shovel
  • The ice pillar snow launcher
  • The sophisticated ultra rocket blast ice cannon 3000

Have fun!


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I'm Elias, a 3D game designer. Contact me through my creator page.

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