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Bank Teller

Updated 10/25/2021: - Re-worked Hierarchy (see more)

Originally published: 10/25/2019

Welcome to this Bank Teller training experience. You will take the shoes of a bank teller who must interact with a customer and select answers to their questions. It is intended to showcase the XR Builder's professional training possibilities.

Click to select answers.

Background: We have made several professional trainings using the XR Builder before making this Bank Teller training. From OSHA workplace safety trainings to HR harassment and bias trainings, we have tried several approaches to make those trainings impactful (quite literally sometimes).

However, this Bank Teller training stands out as one of the better ones since it has characters that speak to each other and to the Player. Adding speech interactions been characters and the Player adds a level of immersion that our earlier trainings did not have, since they were all about watching the training happen rather than participating in it.

Pro Tip #1: Add speech interactions between the Player and characters in a training to keep the Player on their toes and paying attention!

Another key lesson we learned from creating this experience is how important teaching the trainee about their "failures" really is. When the Player chooses the "incorrect" choice in the training, we do not simply restart the training or show them a "wrong choice" text. Instead, we teach them why that choice is incorrect, and what should have been said/done. For example, if you try to accept one of the checks without asking for an ID, we inform you that that could result in identity theft, thus informing the trainee why it is so important to always check IDs.

Pro Tip #2: Always use a Player's "incorrect" choice as an opportunity to teach them why that choice was wrong, and to offer alternatives.

Another feature worth mentioning in this experience is the use of a state-variable. Hidden in the scene, only visible to creators, is a variable that tracks the conversation between the Player and the bank customer. That variable determines what lines are spoken by the customer, and are dependent on the Player's actions. Find the variable next to the Player in the third scene.

Pro Tip #3: Use a state-variable to track a conversation between Characters and/or the Player.

Lastly, we have made this training experience remixable so you can see how it works, and to make it easier for you to create your own professional trainings in the future!


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