Demo: Destroyable Walls


Demo: Destroyable Walls

Updated 10/20/2021 (see more)

Originally published: 2/17/2020

Take control of the Great Ottoman Bombard!
Can you bring down the massive Theodosian Walls protecting the city of Constantinople? Hit the towers to see them explode.

This is a demonstration of how to make destroyable walls and buildings using the Blocksmith XR Builder. The walls and towers are made of physics objects which the cannonball collides with. The towers contain triggers which detect when the cannonballs have broken through the wall and explode!

PC Controls:
WASD to move
Click/E to interact

VR Controls:
Use joysticks/thumbpads to teleport and move
Use triggers to interact

Tablet Controls:
Use D-pad to move
Tap to interact

Bombard Controls:

  • Click on the bombard to fire
  • Push any side of the bombard to move it in that direction


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