Freedom Range Chickens

Published: 7/17/2020

Watch as tons of chicks are spawned, and then scare them all away! Check out the Youtube Livestream below to see how to make your own!

Watch the Build a Bird Youtube Livestream here: https://youtu.be/F3TxxqH4Axw

For this challenge, we wanted to share the fun of one of our favorite Quest chapters: the Farm Animal chapter from the Farm Sims Quest. You are encouraged to build a farm animal of some kind, and most of us made some pretty funny and funky looking chickens.

On the other hand, this challenge is also a great opportunity to demo the Builder's advanced animation features like nested and stacked animations. On top of that, we even put a navigation component on the animated bird to make it wander around, and then added it to a Spawner to have a continuous stream of animated birds emerging from a (seemingly infinite) hen house. I just love how creating 3D projects with the Builder often leads you down paths that you hadn't originally considered or even thought of!


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