How To: Continuous Day-Night Cycle


How To: Continuous Day-Night Cycle

Updated 10/14/2020 (see more)

Originally published: 1/20/2020

This project shows a demonstration of a Day/Night Cycle effect.

Click on the illuminated Oak tree to see its components and events for the Day/Night Cycle setup.

To create a Day/Night Cycle in your own projects copy the setup on the Oak tree or follow the steps below:

a. Enable Dynamic Daytime in a BlocksmithXR scene.

b. Add variable to the scene. This will be the Day/Night Cycle controller.

c. On the variable, add the events:

On: Awake
Then: Myself
Start Timer

On: Value Changed
& If Value >= 24
Then: Myself
Set To

On: Update
Then: Experience
Set Daytime
Choose Parameter icon, then select Myself

d. Play the Viewer to demo your Day/Night Cycle!

Tip: Change the Timer value to increase or decrease the time speed


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