Mushroom Hunt Challenge


Mushroom Hunt Challenge

Updated 6/27/2023: - Added a respawn trigger below the level. (see more)

Originally published: 5/26/2020

Can you find all five hidden mushrooms in this beautiful mountain valley?

This was made for the 3D Fungi Hunt Challenge.

Watch the Mushroom Hunt Challenge Youtube Livestream here:

We wanted to see if we could re-create one of of our classic Educational Premium Experiences, the Fungi Scavenger Hunt, in less than an hour! The core game mechanics of the Fungi Scavenger Hunt are simply a point-and-click game combined with a variable-based scavenger hunt.

The Fungi Scavenger Hunt teaches the important role fungi play in ecosystem, while also helping students identify certain edible or poisonous mushrooms. Since it is set outdoors, we wanted to show the powerful ability of the Builder to construct realistic terrains in a matter of minutes! By using imported assets like mountains, cliffs, trees, and detailed materials, the scene came together very well and had many "happy trees"!


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