Medieval Fantasy Book by Pixel


Medieval Fantasy Book by Pixel

Updated 6/28/2023: - Reimported Storybook model. (see more)

Originally published: 8/13/2020

Check out the live stream video here:

All credit for the Medieval Fantasy Book 3D model goes to Sketchfab user Pixel.

I wanted to explore the awesome Medieval Fantasy Book 3D model ever since the first time I saw it on Sketchfab. Since we just added the feature to import animated 3D models to the Builder, my wish finally came true! Feel free to explore it own your own or create your own Storybook scene using the same model.

I was inspired by the medieval setting to create some kind of handheld weapon or tool for the Player to carry around. I decided upon a classic bow and arrow for the Player to hold, since it is ubiquitous to any medieval historical period, and since its a fun 3D model that can be used in many different ways. To create an interactive bow and arrow model that actually shoots arrows, I built the 3D model of both first. Then, using a spawner I set up the ability to shoot arrows. I suppose I could have finished it there, but I really wanted to create the two following features for the bow and arrow model:

  1. Seeing an animated arrow "reload" on the bow.
  2. Having an arrow shake back and forth a bit when it hits anything.

The first feature was actually very easy to simulate. I just added an animation on the non-spawned arrow and had it play whenever the player spawns an arrow.

The second feature was a bit more tricky. I had to use a "Loop Finished" event to tell the arrow to stop animating after several "shakes", but that too was actually much easier than I figured.

My most recent addition to this project was adding in targets for the Player to shoot the bow and arrow at. Previously, there wasn't anything (other than maybe the fish) to actually aim the bow and arrow at. Now there are several targets hanging around the scene. What do you think happens when you get a bullseye?


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