Mega Music Maker


Mega Music Maker

Updated 4/24/2020 (see more)

Originally published: 3/21/2018

Make music by mixing and mashing tunes in this multiplayer music maker!


  • Jump or click on pads and pianos to make sounds.
  • Play records by clicking on the record arm.

All music is licensed by Creative Commons.

How was this made?
Here is a little backstory to how this experience got created:

The Mega Music Maker was created in one week, for the 2018 Boise Hackfort festival!

The main mechanics are the tone-pad launchers and giant record players.

Tone-Pad Launchers

The tone-pads, including the neon piano and drum kits, were made simply with a trigger and a few shapes:


The tone-pads just launch the player when a trigger is entered, and then play a sound and animation.

Giant Record Players

The record players were a little more tricky to make. They needed variables to detect when other tracks were playing, so multiple music tracks can't be played at the same time.

When selected, they turn off all other music tracks and then play their own:


The year: 2018. The challenge: Hackfort.
For the Hackfort Expo in Boise, ID we imagined a Tron-meets-Rockband style multiplayer mega-sized music making experience would be a perfect fit! For those of you unfamiliar, Hackfort is the tech-conference arm of the Treefort Music Fest. We were invited to demonstrate something in VR at the gathering, and figured we could combine the unique advantages of virtual reality with a multiplayer music maker.

The result was people bouncing, jumping, and making an cacophonous explosion of sound and music! One particular memorable moment was when some younger players discovered a hidden ability in the experience that gives you a hyper-jump if you get a combo just right.

Not only can you just play this game in VR! Since it is a multiplayer-based game, we had people joining in on PCs and Macs, on Chromebooks they had with them, and from on their phones while sitting across the room.

Try it out now with your friends and family to have a blast making some funky music. Or if you are up for a challenge, follow the instructions above to make your own even More Mega Music Maker!

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