Shinobi Warrior Challenge


Shinobi Warrior Challenge

Updated 11/16/2023: - Improved swinging obstacle collision and increased animation duration. (see more)

Originally published: 8/15/2023

All credit for the platformer 3D models goes to the user WietseGaming for making jum-in parkour:

Compete to become the best Shinobi Warrior! This game demos several features from the 7.5.0 release including:

  • Multiteam Multiplayer
  • Respawn Zones for easy checkpoints
  • Team-specific jersey colors

Can you make it all the way to the end? Put your parkour skills to the test with this challenge game and compete against other players at the same time. There are many obstacles, so you need to connect with your inner-ninja to be able to dodge and jump over them all to win! Each "tower" you reach has a checkpoint though, so it should get easier as you make it further down the obstacle course.

Computer Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Spacebar to jump
  • Shift to sprint
  • Move mouse to look around


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