It's hard to find a kid who doesn't love video games. What these kids don't know is that there's an entire world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that makes video games possible. We funnel the excitement of video games into a passion for learning the STEM that makes them possible while teaching them to use the tools found in professional game design studios. Our students are part of a safe, fun online community of learners that work with coaches to combine playing, learning, and making into the best online learning experience you can find.


We believe that anyone can have fun learning a STEM career, so we turn excitement for video games into a safe place for kids to learn a passion for the STEM fields that make video games possible. Come see how we use industry-standard tools to combine playing, learning, and making into a community at

STEMForged is also on Twitch! We love working with our students and teaching them how to be developers, creators, and most importantly - great learners. Using Twitch we hope to bridge the gap between work and play. We want to meet our students on their terms and be able to produce safe, positive content for all members of our community. Join us as we explore popular games and aim to build a positive online environment for everyone to be engaged in!

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