My Sanctuary

Updated: 2021-05-06

Published: 2021-04-13

In this space, the idea is to relax and absorb the beauty of the nature around you. This cabin is open-concept, facing the lake down below. The artwork throughout the cabin and the art-hall has all been designed by yours truly. By the lake there is a campsite where viewers can experience the real camp-feel when out in nature. On the other side of the lake is the art-hall. Get around quickly by using the gold floating orbs scattered throughout the virtual world. I plan to implement many more ideas, and am always up for peer review! Thanks for taking the time to explore my own idealized sanctuary.



    See My Sanctuary in Virtual Reality for Free on:

    • SteamVR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows MR)
    • Oculus Quest
    • Oculus Go
    • Gear VR
    • Google Cardboard

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