A child using the Builder on a laptop


The universal tool for 3D creation.

From the amateur to the professional, anyone can easily and rapidly create 3D art assets and develop virtual reality experiences.

A halloween-themed maze game opened in the Builder


Works on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. Designed with a classic desktop UI paradigm, 3D content development is intuitive

User-friendly design helps you feel right at home

Effortlessly build scenes with simplified 3D positioning, scaling, and rotating with strong alignment features

Making stuff in VR is not hard
A model of computer parts in the Builder


The Blocksmith Marketplace holds over 250 free 3D models available for all users. Science, space, buildings, interior, decorations, nature, you name it

250 free models... and counting

Build yourself or import .obj files from Unity, Sketchfab, Maya, Blender and many other 3D modelling software products. And from other online resources with 3D models. New: Native Google Poly Integration

It doesn't matter if your model is from Unity or anywhere on the internet.

Featuring a constructive solid geometry based approach that level designers and modders have embraced for its simplicity and fast results

It's like making stuff with legos
A scene in the Builder with spaceships

Animations and Interactions

Animations can be easily applied to any object. Any transformations like scale, rotation, and translation are recorded as the animation path. Make further refinements like loop/randomize and optional ease functions

Want a moving object? Turn on animations and move it around

Add interactivity to any situation. Interactive objects can react to touch, sight, animations or player actions. And it is as easy as activating a checkbox

Your players can do things in your creation

Use nested animations on the sub-model level: animate one or multiple parts of an object independently of other parts

Spin the propeller, not the whole plane
A volcano scene opened in the Builder


Native Headset & Controller support for Google Cardboard, DayDream, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Windows Desktop, Mac OSX and Web. Quality of experiences scales down for mobile and up for high end platforms. New: ARKit and ARCore support

Can be viewed with and without headsets

Performance Meters look at your scene and use meshes, textures, lights and overall settings to determine how efficient your experience will perform on the various platforms

Performance is critical for VR/AR. We'll tell you where you stand while you design.

Send to your favorite device directly from the Builder to easily test and rapidly develop experiences.

From desktop to mobile in seconds

Output as a Unity project for further development. Builder scenes convert to Unity scenes, meshes will be combined, texture atlases created, animations & events fully wired up with open source code

If you hit the limits with us, continue in Unity