Welcome to Blocksmith

What is BlocksmithXR?

Let us help you teach 3D game design and coding to your students with our award winning educational product.
No matter if you teach BlocksmithXR in camps, after school, GATE and enrichment classes, we guarantee it will be one of the most beloved offerings in your portfolio!

BlocksmithXR can be taught in person, remotely or in hybrid setups.
Our software works with Chromebooks, Windows and Mac computers. Students view their creations right on their computers or on classroom phones, tablets or Virtual Reality devices.

How can I teach this?

No matter what your background is, you don't need to be a video game developer to run this class! Our curriculum tracks are embedded right into our software and allow each student to go at their own pace.
Instructors focus on facilitating students helping students and containing the fun when students explore what their class mates have created.

Curriculum tracks you can choose from (or let your class decide!):

  • Classic games, where they create maze games, jump and runs and legendary boss fights
  • Farm Sim, teaching animations with crazy chicken and economy based game design
  • Royal Battles, where they explore how to program a skeet shooter and battle on a sinking island
  • Javascript, the funnest way your students have ever experienced learning Javascript basics with

and many more.

Ready to find out more? Start by creating your free account and try our sample curriculum yourself. Or book a free consulting session at sales@blocksmithxr.com.