What's New in 7.1.0?

Jump into the summer fun with Blocksmith's physics-focused 7.1.0 update! Create wild and crazy physics worlds, or use the new Ragdoll mode to apply physics to characters and players.

For Hub Admins, you have a powerful new Comment Review system at your disposal. Reviewing comments on your Hub helps foster a healthy and constructive creator community!

Major Features in 7.1.0

Physics Expansion

The Physics system in the Builder has been majorly upgraded. Tons of new experiences, games and simulations are now possible. Here is a taste of some of the things you can do:

  • Change gravity!
  • Push, throw and spin objects with any amount of physics forces
  • Apply physics properties like bounciness, mass, or friction
  • Physics work on Characters in Ragdoll

Physics Demo #1: Physics-based Moon Lander

Physics Demo #2: Physics Bowling

Learn more the expanded Physics help page or explore for yourself in the Physics Showcase experience.

Character Ragdoll

Floppy people incoming! Ragdoll mode is here for single and multiplayer games.

Ragdoll is a mode for 3D characters that instantly makes the character model go limp. It can be used to simulate a character getting knocked unconscious, floating in the air, etc. New physics forces and objects can also impact the character in ragdoll mode!

Ragdoll Demo #1: Zombie Chase

Player Ragdoll

Let's not exclude you from the ragdoll fun/madness! The Player has a new "Knocked Down" event that knocks your view down to the floor when triggered. In multiplayer, the event also activates ragdoll mode so your player's body will be visibly knocked onto the ground. Let the multiplayer ragdoll madness begin!

Randomized Multiplayer Teams

Red Team was winning too much. Why? They were always the team that first joins a multiplayer match.
Now when a multiplayer game begins, the first team to join will be fully random.

Improved Launch Player Event

The Launch event's power was previously limited to 10. Now it goes past 11! Launch the Player high in the sky with the expanded launch power event.

Comment Review

Community is so important and we didn’t like turning off comments on our main hubs. Now we are re-introducing comments with a review system that we will use ourselves and give to hub administrators.

Per our user guidelines we do only allow meaningful and encouraging comments! We strongly suggest to our EDU Admins to do the same. It makes for a much nicer environment for those who create in it!