What's New in 7.2.0?

Our latest update for the XR Builder is here and it brings a major overhaul of the graphics system! The higher end Art Styles have improved clouds, skies and water, so load your best looking scenes to check out the changes.

The Event System and tools for debugging also received some significant upgrades including being able to move Events, Event targeting for Character's hands/head, and new Events for saving Player Data and checking a Player's VIP status.

See the full release notes for all features, fixes, and improvements.

Major Features in 7.2.0

Graphics Overhaul

The new visual improvements in the Builder are most visible when you set your graphics settings to Realistic and High. Explore the screenshots below to see some of the key differences between 7.1.3 and 7.2.0.





Player Data

We have a first implementation of saving Player Data to preserve game progress for users. As this evolves, it will allow anyone to create a game save and load system!

Event Dragging and Pasting

Events can be dragged and dropped to move their position now. Simply grab the Event and drag it to where you want it to be placed.

In addition to moving Events by dragging and dropping them, you can also paste a copied Event anywhere in a list of Events. Just look for the paste icon!

NPC Hand/Head Event Targets

Targeting slot objects for Characters is now much easier. For example, if you want a Character to turn a flashlight in their hand on or off, just target the Characters slot and then send a message to turn off the light!

VIP Player System

VIP perks can now be implemented in experiences. This is experimental so far since players can’t buy those yet, but keep an eye on this space! Soon you will be able to add perks to any of your games or experiences!

Advanced Debug Tools

Fixing problems in experiences has been greatly improved with new debug view options when playing in the Viewer. To see the information of any object in your scene, even spawned objects, just pause the Viewer and open the Debug Log. From there, select an object in the Debug Log's Hierarchy to see its current properties.

Get the 7.2.0 Update

Download the Builder and Viewer apps from the Download page right now.
Or if you have already installed the Builder, find the Update button in the top bar to start the automatic Builder update process.