What's New in 6.3

Major Builder Features

The 6.3 update includes one of the most significant changes yet! The Builder can now be used on most modern iPads or Android Tablets. But make sure to check out the highly-requested multiplayer and website updates too. See the full release notes here.

  • iPad Support: The Builder can now be downloaded and used on iPads. We will post the App Store link once it is approved by Apple, here and on our Download page. The iPad Edition includes all of the same features that are accessible in the PC/Mac Builders, with a streamlined UI. You can now create your favorite 3D projects on the go, or from your favorite nook!
    You can even use the Builder for free on iPad by watching ads. Or simply sign in with your paid account or purchase a subscription to never see an ad!


  • Apple ID: All Builder versions, even Windows and Chromebook, include an Apple ID sign in option. Quickly sign in/up using your existing Apple ID in the Builder. Supports a "free with ads" mode.

  • Android Tablet Support: Coming soon!

  • Augmented Reality on Tablets: On modern iPad and Android tablets, you can view your 3D Blocksmith creations instantly in Augmented Reality with the new Play in AR feature! Rapidly view your 3D scenes in Augmented Reality and then toggle back to the Builder for near instant switching between testing and design.


More Builder Goodness

  • Username Labels in Multiplayer: Ever wonder who exactly kept winning in your recent multiplayer game? Or which of your clients in particular was waving at your in your virtual house tour? Now you can now the username of any person in Blocksmith multiplayer matches!
  • Experience Loading Time: Drastically reduced loading time on non-VR devices where we load scenes on demand.
  • Lightweight UI option: Get the most out of Chromebooks and slower devices using our new "Simple Modern" UI option!

Major Website Features

  • Auto-Collections: Amp up your workspace homepage and your creator page with collections that automatically populate with filters like "recently uploaded", "most popular", etc!

  • Username change: Unhappy with your current Blocksmith username? You can now change it easily on your Dashboard's Account page. Just select "Change Username" and type in your preferred name.

  • Capital letters in usernames: By popular demand, Blocksmith usernames now support capital letters! Add them to your current username by using the Change Username option above.

  • Start a new project from the Dashboard: Want to instantly start a project in the XR Builder from the website? Go to your Dashboard and then select the "Start New Project" button.