What's New in 6.6?

Major Features in 6.6

Highscores are here! This release allows Blocksmith creators to set up a highscore scoreboard in any experience. So get your game on and start claiming those top ranks on the scoreboards! There are also several powerful new Events and Event Actions, and other highly-requested improvements that you can see below.


A scoreboard can be created for any Blocksmith experience, whether it is single or multiplayer. It is incredibly easy to set up as well, needing just a few events!

The scoreboard will be visible on the experience's webpage, and will continuously update to show the latest top scores!


Try it out yourself! Can you get a high-score in any of the following games?

Viewer Pause Menu with recording and debug window:

You can now pause the Viewer when playing experiences in the Builder! The scene will freeze and you will see multiple options to start recording video or open the Debug log.

Press the Esc or p keys when playing an experience to pause!


Slot Placement Ability:

We are introducing a feature that makes accurate placing of objects into Characters' hands much easier. Look for the “Place Object” button after assigning an object to a character slot.


New Event Features:

To make events more streamlined, there is now an option for “If… else…”!
New: "Interacting slot object" can now be used for Interaction Event Actions.
New: Primary and secondary slot objects are now targets for events on the Player.
New: You can also program players to drop their objects, a long requested feature.


Quarter Cylinder:

Check out the new shape! Thanks to our community for suggesting this.

More Ready Player Me Character Improvements:

Characters are now blinking when using lip sync and can be uploaded through your Media page, in addition to the Builder.