What's New in 7.0?

Today is a big day for us and our creators: we changed our Terms of Service and now allow all Free users to remix experiences as their own, as well as giving them full access to all our high-end assets, materials and objects!

Students who used Blocksmith in school can now fully use it at home to create and share more of the amazing stuff we have seen hitting the platform this year.

To clarify: All educational institutions including home schools must use a paid license, either personal tiers or edu bundles. All commercial users must use a Pro license.

Major Features in 7.0

Unlocked Assets and Remixing for All Free Accounts

All previously locked Premium assets and materials are now available to be used by anyone! No trial is needed to create your coolest and best-looking experiences and 3D models.


Multi-select and Mass Sharing on the Web

Ever have a lot of experiences or 3D models you want to share to a hub? You can now select multiple experiences or 3D models on the web and then publish them all to a hub at the same time, with just one click of a button!

Multiple Experiences selected and ready to share en masse:


Doubled Upload File Size Limit

A Blocksmith world record was recently broken! An awesome Tron Rollercoaster experience hit the max upload limit, so we doubled the file size for uploads. You can now upload projects that are twice the size of the previous max.

Quest Progress Overview

Blocksmith Hub Admins and Teachers can see the full progress all of their members have made in all Quests with one overview page. Great for quickly reviewing your members' progress through their Quests.


Raycaster Object

The Spawner in the XR Builder now has competition! A new object, called the Raycaster, has been added to Special objects. It "fires" a ray instead of spawning an object, which has huge advantages! It is far better for performance, and can even detect what it is touching and send that information back to the Raycast object.

Raycaster Location in the Builder

Raycaster Demo #1: Raycast Laser Turrets on a Spaceship

Raycaster Demo #2: Raycast Character Vision

Search and Replace Feature

The XR Builder can now search all objects in a scene and replace them with whatever you want in a few seconds! For example, if you want to replace all of the windows on a building, you no longer need to manually delete and re-duplicate them. Now you can search for and replace all of the windows at once.

Search and Replace Demo: Replacing Windows

Event Callback

Ever wondered how to detect when an Event with a Duration has finished in the XR Builder? You can easily detect when the Duration is done using the Callback option. And it is set up so you can quickly make a Custom Action to continue with another new event when the Event Duration is finished.

Event Callback Demo: Changing Colors