What's New in 7.3.0?

Welcome! Creating content in the Builder has become faster and easier with this major update focusing on AI media creation tools. Each AI creation generated by you is not subject to copyright restrictions, so using images and audio in the Builder is far more convenient. Also, prompts submitted by students on hub can be viewed by the Hub Admins for oversight purposes.

This release also adds a number of other features, from controller support and calibration to custom fonts. See the full release notes for all features, fixes, and improvements.

Major Features in 7.3.0

AI Media Generation

Blocksmith users can now generate images and voiceovers with simple text prompts, and use them directly in their experiences! With the 7.3.0 Builder, a creator can make a museum scene with a 3D character explaining a historical or scientific image in natural language within seconds. Blocksmith is using the Stability AI api to power this new tool.

History Exhibit Example:

AI Prompt Tracking for Hub Admins

Hub Admins can easily see the AI creation prompts submitted by users on their hub. By opening their Hub dashboard and going to Student Creations -> AI prompts, Admins can consistently keep track of what students on their hub are submitting for AI Generation:


Any Blocksmith hub with a Pro subscription can require users who want to play games on it, use their templates or 3D models, or remix their professional projects to pay for access to that hub. Find more details on the Paid Access blog page.

Controller Support and Calibration

Play and test your games using most types of game controllers now! The Builder now automatically detects when a controller is connected, and allows it to be calibrated in the new Player Controls window. Find it in the Tools menu in the Builder's top bar:


Custom Fonts

A long requested feature is finally here! Custom fonts can now be uploaded to your account and used in any experience afterwards. Just look for the "More Fonts" button in the Font list for Text objects and upload them from there. Remixing an experience with a custom font in it also adds it to your media list, so you can use it in future projects. Go to Google Fonts to start browsing, downloading, and adding your favorite fonts to your experiences!


Export .stl 3D Models

Export your favorite 3D models to a 3D printable format. Find the .stl file export option in the Create -> 3D Model window, which allows any 3D model to be saved as a .stl file. That .stl file can then be used for 3D printing a real-life model. Bring your favorite 3D models to life!


Games can host Multiple Scoreboards

This allows any game, race, sports match, etc. to host multiple scoreboards. Each scene can have its own custom-named scoreboard, allowing you to track highscores per level.


Cast Shadows Setting

Adds an Advanced Option to all objects that allows them to cast shadows from light sources, or not. Very helpful for quickly (and cheaply) lighting indoor scenarios using a sunlight. To do so, toggle off Cast Shadows on the ceiling object(s) and the light from the sun will shine right through, lighting the full indoor area.


Expanded Settings for Special FX

The Dust Cloud and Sandstorm Special FX have expanded options that allows their quantities to be increased/decreased, their color changed, and more. See for your self in the Effects tab in the 7.3.0 Builder!

New Events!

  • New Sound Events: Set Pitch and Volume
    Changes the pitch of any sound object or component.

  • New Physics Events: Constant Force
    Applies a constant physics force to an object in specific directions.

  • New Raycaster Events: Detect Raycast Hit surface
    Raycasts can now return the precise surface hit location of the raycast hit point.

  • New Camera Events: Enable/Disable Pointer Controls and Look around
    Allows cameras to have the mouse pointer and the ability to look around enabled/disabled during game runtime. The Look at Start/Finish events have been improved to work with Cameras as well.

Easier Hub Signups

Signing up for access and management by a hub is now even easier with the Hub management option on the signup dialog:


Get the 7.3.0 Update

Download the Builder and Viewer apps from the Download page right now.
Or if you have already installed the Builder, find the Update button in the top bar to start the automatic Builder update process.